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Get the latest news of all the hip happenings at Astoria, as well as in the Shopping Capital of the Philippines, Ortigas!

Best Christmas Takeaways: Astoria Gourmet Family Feasts

Because of the unprecedented hit of COVID-19, it is safe to say that we will be celebrating Christmas differently this year. The usual office-wide parties and the big family reunions will have to be put on hold to help prevent the spread of the virus. The scheduled trip to the mall for your annual Christmas […]


Best Christmas Takeaways: Astoria’s Fiesta Favorites

Do you feel that? That’s the Christmas season already taking over Metro Manila, and that festive feeling is improving moods and appetites! It has become the norm for Filipinos to do last-minute Christmas shopping, but with the Metro Manila quarantine still in place, people are now apprehensive and may even consider just ordering their gifts […]


4 Awesome Tips to Avoid the Christmas Rush in Metro Manila!

Metro Manila’s citizens are already feeling the holiday season, and the urge to go out and join the last-minute mad Christmas shopping rush may be simply too much to bear. With the Metro Manila quarantine still in place, one may wonder if Christmas shopping in malls is still worth it. After all, there are more […]


10 Promos You Shouldn’t Miss At Astoria Plaza Before March 2020 Ends!

The hottest season of the year may bring sweltering heat waves, but there’s no need to be alarmed because fantastic promos keep on raining in this luxurious hotel in Ortigas Pasig! Take a look at Astoria Plaza’s spectacular offers, and you’ll surely find what you need to beat the heat this Summer!   Hello 2020 […]


8 Reasons Why Astoria Plaza Is A Home For Every Traveler

Since summer is almost upon us, we all crave for that certain amount of escapism to beat the heat and drift away from stress with much-needed rest and relaxation. However, the excitement tends to fizzle out when there’s so much pressure from planning a long trip. But what if there’s a way to relish the […]


Mini-Moon: The Latest Travel Trend for Newlyweds

It’s a given fact that weddings are expensive. The average Filipino wedding can cost anywhere from Php 250,000 to Php 975,000, and that financial worry does not even include the added pressure and stress of planning the actual day. Engaged couples already have a herculean task of planning the wedding, canvassing and paying vendors, managing […]



COVID-19 Emergency Booking Advisory

Astoria Plaza is open to serve OFWs, foreign guests, frequent independent travelers, stranded passengers, and employees from nearby establishments in need of lodgings. We will remain closed for leisure stays until further notice.